360 Forgiveness

What is 360 Forgiveness?

Let’s start with what is forgiveness? And why forgiveness?Forgiveness is about releasing the past. It is letting go of people and experiences that have left you feeling hurt.

You need to ask yourself: Is your life working? Are you happy? If not, look into why life is a struggle and why you are unhappy. What messages did you learn that are keeping you from your good? What experiences did you have that seem to keep repeating over and over?

Releasing these experiences, emotions and the resulting limiting beliefs is the path to happiness and freedom. And forgiveness is the path. 360 Forgiveness blog is a guide to helping you learn to release and let go of all that is keeping you from your good.

We have all been hurt. AND we have all hurt others. So forgiveness goes both ways.

I hope that you will join me as we explore forgiveness.

Life says “Welcome”. I hope you will say “Yes” to  life.

Blessings, Mary Pat

Mary Pat FitzGibbons RN


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