Forgiveness…. Why Me? Why Now? Part 2

  How do you forgive?


Many times, when people are in deep pain, they are told that they “should” forgive. It is very difficult to forgive when we are in pain, fear, anger or depression. The only way to be in the position to forgive is to elevate yourself into the realm of love (and that includes gratitude).

Here is a seven-day plan for forgiveness. This will help you get around the fear and into love.

Day 1: It is a good idea to clear some of that debris out. Don’t tell the story again… that just steals energy from others or from yourself by giving you an adrenaline high. Instead write it down and just let all your feelings out.  Take twenty to thirty minutes to write. I want you to notice how you “feel” when you think about this situation.  Put these pages to the side for now. You do not need to look at them.

Day 2-6: Next start a gratitude journal. Write down everything in your life that you are grateful for.  Take ten minutes and do this every day for a week. Notice how you “feel”. I really want you to get into the “feeling” of gratitude. Use the energy of gratitude to bring you out of your pain, anger and fear.

Day 7: Do your gratitude journal. Think of the person and situation that has grieved you so. Can you hold the feeling of gratitude in one hand and the feeling of this situation in the other hand at the same time? If you can’t do that, then go back and forth between gratitude and the situation.

Make a decision. Do you like the way you feel in gratitude? Do you like the way you feel in the situation? Which would you rather feel? If you are ready to let the situation go, then do so.

Release the person or situation by creating a small ceremony. Take the pages from day one. You can burn them or shred them or rip them up. You will need to say something out loud. It can be simple: “I forgive you. I release you”. Then say “Thank you” and really “feel” gratitude.

When you forgive, you release the bond between you and the person. When you have released the person, the energy you have locked up in the situation returns to you. It is available for you to use. Choose wisely. This is a great way to live a life of happiness and peace.

Blessings, Mary Pat


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