Forgiveness My Story

My Story Part 1

I did not come a crossed forgiveness by accident. It was earned. Like many people my past is splattered with good and difficult experiences. Based on these experiences, I made assumptions about people and life. I pretty much have experienced a life base on these assumptions, decisions and beliefs.

I have found that life has been a struggle. I  have been depressed much of the time. Why? What happened?I do not want to languish in this lower energy for long. And I can appreciate that my readers may want a snippet of my personal background. So here is it the pluses and minuses.

I was born in a town in upstate New York and lived much of my life in the northeast.  My parents had seven children: four boys, three girls born in less than a decade and I was the oldest. The pope would be proud–a model Irish Catholic Family!

I do not have very many memories of growing up. Mom told me that I was changing diapers by the time I was five. I would have had too, she was busy and needed the help. As a testament to our family, the seven of us remain very close. We have each others backs, even if we don’t see eye to eye on all issues.

There were three areas that caused me distress and colored my view of life. They are: parental alcohol abuse (ACOA), sexual abuse, and some learning disability. It is amazing how a few experiences can change your life for yea or nay…

Come back tomorrow for part 2…

Until then I have a suggestion for you. Choose to have a great day! 🙂

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