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How to Clear Brain/Mental Fog Part 2

Lets continue the discussion from yesterday.  Brain or mental fog is pretty serious. It really effects the success and enjoyment of life.

Yesterday I discussed traditional therapy and healing with sound via Centerpointe’s Holosync technology. There were some healing programs. Energy healing can really help people who are affected from childhood trauma.For survivors of trauma the nervous system is always on alert.  It never relaxes. I would jump out of my skin with any noise or what I perceived at provocation.

Energy healing is very relaxing and calming. Energy healing puts a client into a profound relaxation state. Doing a brain balance or Mind Clearing (which is a Healing Touch technique) restructures the lines of light in the grid work forming the energetic template of the brain. The energy grid allows the energy pathways to flow properly.

Essential oils are very potent. You must use therapeutic grade oils. Adulterated oils will not give you the effects you desire and may hurt you. I use Young Living Essential Oils. There are other good therapeutic essential oils. Read the labels. They are expensive. You get what you pay for.

Aroma therapy with essential oils works on the amygdala directly. It will calm it down. Essential oils can reprogram the DNA in the cells. Restore the original function of body systems, in this case brain and nervous system. Use essential oils for smell, in massage and orally. I would recommend Raindrop technique and the neuro auricular spinal techniques for reconnecting brain and nerves as well as return of emotional stability.

Energy Tapping including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) are great tools. You hold a disturbing though/feeling and tap on meridian points. The tapping releases the current issue and restores flow and balance to the meridians. I may make a video on tapping for you all.

Movement will work. Many issues get stuck in the body. So yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong are good choices. Unwinding is another movement treatment. During an energy treatment or massage therapy, a person may begin to unwind  around an issue. The body will move and contort in a variety of ways until it is done. The body will react to a trauma situation in a particular sequence. The unwinding is just going backwards through the body reaction until it returns to the pre-trauma state. Hopeful that was in balance.

Living in the present moment or mindfulness is a great practice. Survivors of childhood trauma usually don’t live in the moment, because any sight, sound. smell, tone of voice can catapult them back into a stressful situation. The idea is that today is not the same as it was in childhood. All the players are different.

Coming into mindfulness is as simple as feeling your breath or your feet on the floor. Coming into the present moment and out of whatever mind storm you have going on is a good idea. I recommend practicing coming into presence multiple times a day. You can eat a meal with total presence. (That does mean no talking and no TV while eating).

When I catch myself in a place other that here, I stand up straight and say, “I am clear and focused in the present moment.” My eyes work like a camera lens bringing what I am looking at into focus.

One of the things I have had to do is to make a choice NOT to stay in the story. The story keeps you stuck. It also creates an adrenalin rush or gives an adrenalin high. Any situation can become a story for the adult child of trauma. Things don’t go well at work. Now you either need to be the hero or rescued. You make up a scene behind your eyeballs.

The amygdala thinks it is “ON” and the stress response begins. Wah Lah! You get an adrenalin hit. Very damaging to the body. Adrenal fatigue  here I come. So figure out where you do that in your life and stop it. You stop by coming into the present moment. 🙂


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