How to Clear Brain Fog Part 3

The last several days we have been discussing how to go about clearing brain fog that Fish with vegie topping broccoli sweet potato slices oragnesaccompanies trauma. The conversation has to include food and diet.

Unresolved trauma causes a great deal of pain. People will self medicate to feel better. You can self medicate with alcohol, drugs, scheduling too many activities, workaholic, TV-zoner and and what ever else that takes you out of the pain and into a different daze. None of this work all that well in the long run. And the self medicating strategies do not bring you closer to home or more accurately, your self.

If you are an adrenalin addict there are some dietary changes you should consider on the path to health.

You will want to create a meal plan that provides steady energy and to heal the adrenal glands. You also may need medical support during this process.

Whole grains like short grain brown rice will provide steady energy. It won’t spike your blood sugar. Whole grain… is just that the whole grain. I am not talking whole wheat bread. While that is better than squishy white bread, it is still processed. Eat more brown rice, quinoa, and millet. Whole oats are much better than instant oatmeal. And whole oats are not flat!

Good protein is important. Organic, free range beef and chicken and natural lamb are good to eat. If organic is to expensive buy free range locally produced meats. Eat wild caught fish instead of farmed fish a couple of times a week. Eat your eggs. Buy eggs from local free range farms. I eat them raw in shakes and cooked for breakfast, lunch and baked in goodies.

Dairy foods causes the body to produce mucus. So be aware of that. If you eat dairy, raw is best. I know, we all have been sold a bill of goods that raw dairy will kill you. That isn’t true. Buy from a certified local farm. If you can’t buy raw, buy organic. It really is better for you with no hormones or antibiotics as part of diet/treatment of the animal. In Pennsylvania you can buy raw dairy directly from the farmer. In Virgina you have to buy a share of a cow in order to get raw dairy. In New York we are out of luck, unless we have a friend who is a dairy farmer. Many health food stores sell raw cheeses. They are very good.

Beans are another source of protein. Beans and rice make a perfect protein with all the needed amino acids. Again, buying dried beans and preparing them yourself is a better choice than the cans. Do what you can without making yourself crazy.

Vegetables, vegetables and more vegetables! Eat a variety of nutrient and fiber rich vegetables. Choose from green, yellow, and red veggies. Make your plate colorful. You need 5-10 servings jper day of vegetables. You need about half as many fresh fruits too.

You need good fats. That includes mono saturated fats like olive oil and avocados, and saturated fats like butter and coconut oil. Here are some of the benefits of saturated fats from Dr. Mercola’s web site:

  • Decreases risks of heart disease
  • Lose more weight and keep it off
  • Build stronger bones
  • Support the liver (alcohol and medications like acetaminophen use)
  • Support the lungs: there is a thin layer of lubricant that is 100% saturated fat
  • Support healthy brain function: brain is made up of fat and cholesterol
  • Support the immune system by helping white blood cells find and destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Is the preferred fuel for your heart, brain and any energy needs
  • Antiviral
  • Prevent dental caries and stops plaque
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Modulate genes and prevent cancer

There are some foods the adrenalin addict should avoid or keep to a minimum. Caffeine. Caffeine in coffee, tea and chocolate boost your energy levels and stresses the adrenal glands.

Avoid sugar in any form. It will spike your blood sugar and then slam you down. You will be on a roller coaster of binge eating mostly coffee and carbs. Some sugars are not as bad. Natural sugars like real maple syrup, honey, beat sugar, date sugar, agave, and stevia will only cause a moderate rise in the blood sugar.

Think about these facts. In the 1700’s the average person consumed about 4 pounds of sugar a year. In 2009 at least half of the American population was consuming 180 pounds of sugar a year or 1/2 pound per day! Most of that is from our processed foods. Cut back on sugar and eat whole foods.

Also stay away from artificial sweeteners. Aspartame turns into formaldehyde which is a preservative. It has been linked to cancer of the liver and lungs. Splenda will decrease good gut bacteria by 50% and cause many medications to not be absorbed through the intestines. From my experience as a nurse working with diabetics, all the artificial sweeteners cause rise in blood sugars.

You will also want to eat on a regular basis: breakfast, lunch and dinner. No skipping meals as you get steady energy from steady fuel source. Eat whole foods. Shop the periphery of the grocery store. Buy organic foods if you can and local foods.

Eat well and give your body a fighting chance at healing.

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