Principles and Premises

The Path to Freedom

People’s behavior can be mystifying, particularly when you can’t figure out why they act the way they do and you are getting hurt in the process. Any thing I say about a third person has to be applied to you (and me) too. Read my blog and see if the shoe fits. If is does, walk the path to freedom with me!

There are some patterns that are operating below the surface that seem to control our thinking and behaviors if we are not awake. By the way, much of humanity is unconscious.

My mission is about waking up and being fully present to the moment and helping others do the same. Becoming present in the now moment requires that you let go of any past baggage. And it requires practice.

Right now I have 6 premises from which I work in this process of waking up, becoming conscious.

Premise #1: Each of us operates from our own universe

Premise #2: The biggest sin is the sin of self hatred.

Premise #3: We are responsible for our choices, and our lives.

Premise #4: We participate in the set up and the running of our life, much more than you realize.

Premise #5: Anything that you are experiencing in your life is there because it is resonating with a like energy that is inside you.

Premise #6: We have Sacred and Holy Contracts with people in our lives

Learning about these premises and applying the principles in you life will free you of the chains that bind. Free of those chains and a little practice, you will find yourself living in the present. It is a much freer and happier state than you may be experiencing now.

In the next post we will look at premise #1. Come with an open mind. See you tomorrow.

Blessings, Mary Pat

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