Gratitude Principles and Premises

Premise #1: Each Of Us Operates From Our Own Universe

   There are many currents under the surface of which most of us are not aware. You need to be aware of these in order to make good decisions.

First premise: Each of us operates from our own universe.

Most people are so entrenched in their own lives that they can’t see beyond their eyelids. The universe revolves around them. Only if they have had some experience can they step into another’s shoes for a minute.You must remember this statement: “In any given moment, each person does the best they can with what they have based upon their prevailing awareness in that moment.”

Each person includes me, you, your parents, your ex-spouse, your ex-spouse’s lawyer, your boss, your co-worker, and your neighbor.

Prevailing awareness is multifaceted. It is based on what trauma from your past is currently playing, what your mood is, your prevailing thoughts and emotions. Some days are wow days and others are woe days.

Wow times are like wearing rose colored glasses. Everything looks great. Colors are more vivid. Life flows and feels easy. The feeling is more of happy and gracious and from the realm of love.

Woe times are like wearing dark sun glasses all the time. Everything looks dim and dingy. Life feels like a struggle and the prevailing emotions are from the level of fear.

There are two emotions Love and Fear. If you are living in fear, the invitation is to move up into love.

Love includes emotions like courage, wonder, willingness, happiness, love, joy, and bliss. Fear includes pride, anger, fear, depression, guilt and shame.

Love is expansive while fear is constrictive. Love is forgiving and fear is for revenge. When people operate from fear, they can do very mean things and think they are justified.

Lets look at driving a car. This person has done their meditation this morning. They are generous in letting other drivers pull in front of them. Any delays are irrelevant. The drive is pleasant and they arrive at their destination happy. The prevailing emotions are of love. Doesn’t feel relaxed and open?

Lets say staffing is down and the assignment has been increased. Some issues crop up that are taking more time than expected. There are several mandatory meetings that do not go well. There is frustration, anger, maybe fear… Now the person who is driving is distracted. They may cut another driver off. Speed or get caught with cell phone. This feels very constricted, right?.

Those two examples could be the same person, different day. Can you see that you might see the world differently depending if you are in the realm of love or the realm of fear? We make decisions and act or react from these different perspectives. We can help another or hurt another depending how we are seeing the world in that moment.

One thing that can throw us into fear are any situation or person that on some level reminds us of a trauma long ago. When that happens you start reacting as if you are back in that situation.

What are your prevailing emotions and thoughts? Are you happy or angry? Would you like to move from fear to love?

One thing that you can do is create a gratitude journal. Start looking for anything and everything for which you can feel gratitude. This is the staircase up into love.

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