Being Happy--Being Joyful Principles and Premises

Premise #3 We are Adults and Responsible for Our Life

  No matter where we came from or what happened to us, we are responsible for our choices. We are responsible for filling ourselves, taking care of our needs, our wants and creating our joy. We are 100% responsible for our life.

That is a tall order you might think. “You don’t understand… I had this happen to me or that happen” etc. We all have had bad things happen to us. And yet people get up, dust off and move on. Don’t you love to here inspiring stories where every day people overcome insurmountable odds to have a successful and happy life? I do. Google “inspiring stories” and you will have your fill.

People endure all kinds of events. People experience bullying, growing up in deplorable situations, illness, loss or lack of sight-hearing-ability to learn the way everybody else does, severe diseases, loss of limbs and more. Yet working through this adversity they become beautiful, loving and successful.

How did they do that? How do you stand up again after all the difficult challenges that can plague any and each of us.

One theme in all these stories is that people take personal responsibility for their own lives. They find meaning in the mundane, serving a cup of coffee or giving/receiving a smile.

First there is the grieving process. It happens with any loss or change. You work through the stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance to find new meaning in life. If you are having trouble with this process, get help. You are worth it. The world needs YOUR song as well as mine. Solo’s are nice but duets and chorus’…. Ahh!

Take full responsibility for your thoughts, emotions and actions. Clean up the negativity from thoughts/emotions and your actions will shine. Opportunities will open. Life will be more sunny than stormy.



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