Forgiveness Principles and Premises

Premise #4: We Set Up This Life

  I am going out on a limb here and I will probably rattle some cages. We didn’t just pop into existence for this life. The Creator created us a long time ago. We and our compatriots have been exploring, learning, living and creating for eons.

We have much more choice and participation in the set up of and the running of our lives than we realize. We chose our parents, ore family, out country and the time frame for this life. We set up the perfect situation to have the experiences we wanted, to learn the lesson we came to learn and give the gift only we can give.

Before that statement, we are a victim of life. Actually this realization is very empowering. Start to ask questions. Go exploring. If I did indeed set all this up… what was I thinking? What theme did I want to learn? What was the gift I wanted to give?

The answers are not far away. You will have to get objective about your life and experiences. Rise above them to see the bigger themes. Be empowered to forgive yourself for all your perceived faults and lighten up on everybody else. Once you have done this you can make different and better choices for a more full-filling life. The freedom will be wonderful.

Be in wonder, be in joy, and be in gratitude.

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