Emotions Forgiveness Principles and Premises

Premise #5: Life is the Mirror

Life is the mirror. Anything that you are experiencing in your life is here because it is resonating with like energy that is inside of you.

If you have good feelings inside of you, you will draw good things into your life. Conversely, if you are experiencing lower emotions of fear and lack, you will draw those experiences to you.

You know what you need to work on by what shows up in your life. Look at the theme. Are you in “the flow”? Great. See what the underlying emotions are and do more of that. Are you in struggle? Again, see what the underlying emotions are and look to heal. release them and move up into joy.

Emotions are simply a guide. Are you moving closer to you or are you moving farther away. As you move closer to your wholeness, you are in Love. As you move further away from you, you will experience fear and frustration.

If you are finding that you are frustrated all time consider that the answer is in you. The job doesn’t have to change. The neighbor doesn’t have to change. There is something in you that needs to change. The only person that can get you “out” is you.

How do you do this? Seems like an impossible task. Rise up above the situation and become as objective as you can. If anger is getting in the way, you will need to discharge this strong energy.

How can you discharge strong emotions? You can write them down and then shred or burn the papers. They are not for anybody else to see. You can exercise. Go for a “mad” walk or swim or bike ride. Every time you put your foot down say “I’m mad”. Be “mad” through the whole exercise. Go lift weights. Wring a towel. Try a scream or a silent scream. You can get a plastic bat and beat a pillow.

You want to get the emotion out. Just release it. When you have discharged the emotion, stop and stand as if you were going to touch your toes and let the cleansing energy run through your body. Then stand up and teak a deep breath. DO NOT recycle the emotion. Let go of the story. It probably isn’t right anyway.

Remember, emotions are just guides. Are you moving closer or away from who you are. And life will mirror your reflection back to you. You are worth the journey. May you shine bright and may your life flow.

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