Forgiveness Gratitude Principles and Premises

Premise #6: We have Sacred and Holy Contracts

You may not realize it, but we have contracts with each other. These are Sacred and Holy Contract with people in our lives.      We have parents, teachers, friends and yes “noble friends.”

Our “noble” friends have agreed to help us learn an important lesson that we chose to learn together. These “noble” friends you might not consider them friends at all.

In the last post, I talked about life being a mirror reflecting back to you what is inside you. Always look within for your answer. See where you need to be softened and polished. You can thank the “noble” friend for assisting you in accessing and claiming your lesson.

Some of these lessons can be pretty rough. As these contracts are playing out, both you and your noble friend are invited to make the highest choice you can. Choose love over fear. Choose to not perpetuate the behavior.

Another thought. We never have the whole story. We have bits and pieces and then we make up a story around the experience. It is usually a “who dun’ it.” There is a “he said/she said” piece. There is the belief that someone is right and the other is wrong. The “right” or “wrong” person depends on who is telling the story. We can’t see from the other person’s perspective.

Just remember that even though you are in therapy because of somebody, there is somebody in therapy because of your behavior. Consider being generous with forgiveness.

We have agreements and contracts with people in our life. They are here for our learning and supporting each other. Get to the impersonal level to see what the pattern is that is playing out. Thank your noble friend and do your best to drop the story and heal yourself. A life of joy awaits you.

If you want to read more there is a great book: Sacred Contracts, Carolyn Myss

Emotions Gratitude Principles and Premises

Premise #2: The Biggest Sin Is The Sin Of Self Hatred

   Premise #2: The biggest sin is the sin of self hatred. This is a huge undercurrent affecting the whole world at this time.

There is a pervasive devaluing of human life throughout the world. In business, the bottom line is more likely to supersede and employees or consumers needs. Children are abused. Women are abused. Seniors are neglected and ignored. Countries kill their own citizens. There is war over oil or oppression. Why?

Gratitude Principles and Premises

Premise #1: Each Of Us Operates From Our Own Universe

   There are many currents under the surface of which most of us are not aware. You need to be aware of these in order to make good decisions.

First premise: Each of us operates from our own universe.

Most people are so entrenched in their own lives that they can’t see beyond their eyelids. The universe revolves around them. Only if they have had some experience can they step into another’s shoes for a minute.


Gratitude as a Healing Tool

One of the best ways to get out of a funk is by being thankful. You are probably thinking that I am Mexico Point Sunset w/ Fireoff my rocker. Well, maybe… Hear me out.

It is very hard to escape the lower emotions. There is so much pull to stay there. It is addicting and alluring, and it may be all we know. People will choose an abusive familiar to an unknown possible every time. Look as girls (or guys) that hook up with an abusive partner time and time again. They know abuse. They don’t know what real love is and therefore won’t choose it unless they fall into it. Then they well may screw it up.

Emotions Gratitude

Clearing Brain Fog Part 4

Lets talk about the emotional issues that we created along with the trauma package. Oh, could we!

The issues that were created as a result of living in a traumatic situation where never resolved. If you have an issue and it is fully dealt with and resolved, it is no longer an issue. With trauma the experience (what happen, the events, the emotions) get splintered and stored anywhere and everywhere in the body. Because it is not resolved, pieces of the experience will keep coming up to be dealt with and resolved.