Forgiveness Gratitude Principles and Premises

Premise #6: We have Sacred and Holy Contracts

You may not realize it, but we have contracts with each other. These are Sacred and Holy Contract with people in our lives.      We have parents, teachers, friends and yes “noble friends.”

Our “noble” friends have agreed to help us learn an important lesson that we chose to learn together. These “noble” friends you might not consider them friends at all.

In the last post, I talked about life being a mirror reflecting back to you what is inside you. Always look within for your answer. See where you need to be softened and polished. You can thank the “noble” friend for assisting you in accessing and claiming your lesson.

Some of these lessons can be pretty rough. As these contracts are playing out, both you and your noble friend are invited to make the highest choice you can. Choose love over fear. Choose to not perpetuate the behavior.

Another thought. We never have the whole story. We have bits and pieces and then we make up a story around the experience. It is usually a “who dun’ it.” There is a “he said/she said” piece. There is the belief that someone is right and the other is wrong. The “right” or “wrong” person depends on who is telling the story. We can’t see from the other person’s perspective.

Just remember that even though you are in therapy because of somebody, there is somebody in therapy because of your behavior. Consider being generous with forgiveness.

We have agreements and contracts with people in our life. They are here for our learning and supporting each other. Get to the impersonal level to see what the pattern is that is playing out. Thank your noble friend and do your best to drop the story and heal yourself. A life of joy awaits you.

If you want to read more there is a great book: Sacred Contracts, Carolyn Myss

Forgiveness Principles and Premises

Premise #4: We Set Up This Life

  I am going out on a limb here and I will probably rattle some cages. We didn’t just pop into existence for this life. The Creator created us a long time ago. We and our compatriots have been exploring, learning, living and creating for eons.

We have much more choice and participation in the set up of and the running of our lives than we realize.

Being Happy--Being Joyful Forgiveness My Story Trauma

My Story Part 4: Now What?

Well Tree Bent W/ Snowthat was quite a childhood experience. I lived in fear most of the time. My self esteem was fragile and very low at best. I learned some things during my first twenty years.

I learned about fear. I was afraid of everything: to fail and to live. People deal with fear in different way. One way is to fight, another to flee and a third way by freezing. What I did was freezing and practiced being invisible.

Forgiveness My Story

My Story Part 1

I did not come a crossed forgiveness by accident. It was earned. Like many people my past is splattered with good and difficult experiences. Based on these experiences, I made assumptions about people and life. I pretty much have experienced a life base on these assumptions, decisions and beliefs.

I have found that life has been a struggle. I  have been depressed much of the time. Why? What happened?


Forgiveness…. Why Me? Why Now? Part 2

  How do you forgive?


Many times, when people are in deep pain, they are told that they “should” forgive. It is very difficult to forgive when we are in pain, fear, anger or depression. The only way to be in the position to forgive is to elevate yourself into the realm of love (and that includes gratitude).

Here is a seven-day plan for forgiveness. This will help you get around the fear and into love.

Day 1: It is a good idea to clear some of that debris out. Don’t tell the story again…


Forgiveness…. Why Me? Why Now? Part 1

  Have you been wronged? Betrayed? Is it so egregious that you just think about it and stew over the            situation?  Do you want payment? Could the person ever make it up to you?

“To forgive is to set the prisoner free… only to discover that the prisoner was you.” Lewis B. Smedes.