Forgiveness Principles and Premises

Premise #4: We Set Up This Life

  I am going out on a limb here and I will probably rattle some cages. We didn’t just pop into existence for this life. The Creator created us a long time ago. We and our compatriots have been exploring, learning, living and creating for eons.

We have much more choice and participation in the set up of and the running of our lives than we realize.

Gratitude Principles and Premises

Premise #1: Each Of Us Operates From Our Own Universe

   There are many currents under the surface of which most of us are not aware. You need to be aware of these in order to make good decisions.

First premise: Each of us operates from our own universe.

Most people are so entrenched in their own lives that they can’t see beyond their eyelids. The universe revolves around them. Only if they have had some experience can they step into another’s shoes for a minute.


Gratitude as a Healing Tool

One of the best ways to get out of a funk is by being thankful. You are probably thinking that I am Mexico Point Sunset w/ Fireoff my rocker. Well, maybe… Hear me out.

It is very hard to escape the lower emotions. There is so much pull to stay there. It is addicting and alluring, and it may be all we know. People will choose an abusive familiar to an unknown possible every time. Look as girls (or guys) that hook up with an abusive partner time and time again. They know abuse. They don’t know what real love is and therefore won’t choose it unless they fall into it. Then they well may screw it up.

Being Happy--Being Joyful Forgiveness My Story Trauma

My Story Part 4: Now What?

Well Tree Bent W/ Snowthat was quite a childhood experience. I lived in fear most of the time. My self esteem was fragile and very low at best. I learned some things during my first twenty years.

I learned about fear. I was afraid of everything: to fail and to live. People deal with fear in different way. One way is to fight, another to flee and a third way by freezing. What I did was freezing and practiced being invisible.

My Story

My Story Part 3 The Sexual Abuse

Childhood trauma will impact a person for their life. You can heal but you can’t make up things that you missed. It is the healing that is important and moving forward from today that is important.

Lets talk about another issue that had a great impact on my life and my view of life. I believe that this happened the summer between first and second grade or age six. It was sexual abused by a neighbor who lived behind our house. As far as I can figure, it was daily for much of that summer.


Forgiveness…. Why Me? Why Now? Part 2

  How do you forgive?


Many times, when people are in deep pain, they are told that they “should” forgive. It is very difficult to forgive when we are in pain, fear, anger or depression. The only way to be in the position to forgive is to elevate yourself into the realm of love (and that includes gratitude).

Here is a seven-day plan for forgiveness. This will help you get around the fear and into love.

Day 1: It is a good idea to clear some of that debris out. Don’t tell the story again…