My Story Part 4 School Slap-down

Growing up in an alcoholic home and being sexually abused were two of the three legs that framed my life as a youngster. The third pile of abuse happened at school. The alcoholic home was an on-going issue as was the abuse at school by the teachers.

In medicine we have a directive of “first do no harm.” Should be a directive in the schools too. Here is the saga…

I attended the public school for kindergarden and first grade. Then I transferred to the local catholic school that had just been built. My first grade teacher told my parents that I was retarded and with any luck I would get passed through 8th grade. Hmmm.

Forgiveness My Story

My Story Part 1

I did not come a crossed forgiveness by accident. It was earned. Like many people my past is splattered with good and difficult experiences. Based on these experiences, I made assumptions about people and life. I pretty much have experienced a life base on these assumptions, decisions and beliefs.

I have found that life has been a struggle. I  have been depressed much of the time. Why? What happened?