My Story

My Story Part 3 The Sexual Abuse

Childhood trauma will impact a person for their life. You can heal but you can’t make up things that you missed. It is the healing that is important and moving forward from today that is important.

Lets talk about another issue that had a great impact on my life and my view of life. I believe that this happened the summer between first and second grade or age six. It was sexual abused by a neighbor who lived behind our house. As far as I can figure, it was daily for much of that summer.

Forgiveness My Story

My Story Part 1

I did not come a crossed forgiveness by accident. It was earned. Like many people my past is splattered with good and difficult experiences. Based on these experiences, I made assumptions about people and life. I pretty much have experienced a life base on these assumptions, decisions and beliefs.

I have found that life has been a struggle. I  have been depressed much of the time. Why? What happened?